Leushuis said to the adjudicator that he was exceptionally
tragic and furious with regards to the matter, which has been continuing for quite a while. Her 'cheerful canvases' are known to a wide crowd. Her beautiful 'Fat women's and 'Cows' are popular. In any case, obviously everybody needs a piece of that. Regardless, the craftsman's legal counselor says that he is extremely bustling sending suggestions to organizations that submit counterfeiting. "27 updates have been sent, three of which have transformed into claims." Judge: 'unmistakably similar hobbyzaak pictures' One of them is Painting by Gene. The proprietor would not like to catch wind of a restriction on the artistic creation by numbers and jewel painting works of art, which he offers on the web. Despite the fact that they look dubiously like those of Leushuis and he truly utilizes the name 'cheerful', which she gives her works. "It's simply similar pictures, that is clear," the appointed authority said at the meeting. On the left the first work of Leushuis, on the right the work that the store in Almere sells As per Leushuis' legal advisor, the proprietor of Painting by Gene said that the case for harms was 'ludicrous'. He additionally doesn't stop for a second to sign an assertion in which he vows not to duplicate additional works by the Hengelo craftsman. He did, in any case, briefly take this load of works disconnected, actually like his site. However, as indicated by the craftsman, he presently offers them again by means of Facebook and other web-based channels. Also, that needs to stop, she says. 'Top of bread' "He brings in a ton of cash with my work and that isn't reasonable", she said in the court. "Unadulterated bread burglary", her legal counselor summarized it. Also, that load of duplicates take steps to make crafted by Leushuis less and less selective and in this manner less productive. Also constantly, energy and costs that go into the updates and lawful methods that are important. Certain individuals who erroneously utilized her works for painting by numbers or precious stone artwork truly didn't do it deliberately, she clarified. They didn't know at all that there was copyright or that they required a permit and made up for that with expressions of remorse and a little expense. However, the proprietor of Painting by Gene has a totally different mentality, says Leushuis. He additionally didn't show up at the court hearing in Lelystad. "He in reality sets up a huge center finger at her," a colleague said to the appointed authority. In about fourteen days' time, the appointed authority will choose, in addition to other things, regardless of whether there ought to be a directive, a potential development on remuneration and a potential punishment. Altogether higher sentence on appeal for deadly hijacking Jdesse Boerenveen  

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