visit the National Museum of Mongolia
Schedule Day 1: Participate in the Naadam Festival Meet with the aide and driver. Visit to the Naadam Festival arena. The public occasion Naadam isn't just popular among Mongolians yet additionally on the planet. Numerous vacationers, visitors and writers come to Mongolia to partake. The Festival begins with a  Mongolia tours  moving function of the nine white pennants from the Government House to the Naadam Stadium followed by a pony march. Genghis Khaan used to utilize the nine standards during happy and serene occasions. Then, the sublime opening service begins. northern Mongolia inside 16 days. The visit practices the popular public occasion Naadam Festival with the exception of allowing you to see and experience a lot of Mongolia on this fourteen days visit. Mongolia is tremendous, marvelous, and to a great extent uninhabited. The travelers are friendly, scenes assorted, landscape staggering, and culture captivating. Indeed, even an extended outing isn't to the point of seeing and doing every one of the "must-sees" in Mongolia inside one experience, yet not to stress. We have remembered every one of the features for this agenda. Investigating the unmistakable method of migrant life is a fundamental piece of this visit. Consistently, you will drive by incalculable creatures of travelers, on unlimited steppes and through rich green valleys spotted with migrants' ger homes. Any place you travel, you will visit traveler families and meet the migrant individuals. You will go through an entire day encountering itinerant life, learning social bits of knowledge, and seeing direct every day migrant positions including how to make dairy items, tend creatures and so forth from a persevering wanderer family. You likewise relish Mongolian grill ready by your migrant hosts. This experientially evolved agenda incorporates ideal recreation exercises, for example, short climbing, terminated well of lava climbing, pony and camel riding and other one of a kind encounters. Furthermore, guests have the chance to see the most famous attractions and grand spots accessible in the distinctive regular zones and topographical regions inside Mongolia. Schedule June 30, Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, city visit Your aide and driver will meet you at your convenience or at the air terminal, whichever is generally advantageous, and you are taken on a city touring visit through Ulaanbaatar. In the first place, you'll visit Gandantegchilen Monastery, a cloister leaned toward by local people just as outsiders because of its fascinating strict antiquities and peacefulness. A 26m plated sculpture of a Buddha (in Megjid Janrasag aggregate) is one more component of interest. Then, you  followed by a visit to Sukhbaatar Square and a drive to the Zaisan Memorial for an all encompassing perspective on Ulaanbaatar.  

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